Who Knew?

Who knew?

Who knew that poetry can have such impact on your day?  Who knew that when you read a certain poem, you are there, in the words, witnessing the unfolding of a masterpiece – right before your eyes.

I’m not sure about you guys…but for me, this poem just brightened my day.  (I’d better add it to the list…)   🙂

The Cities Inside Us

By Alberto Rios

“We live in secret cities
And we travel unmapped roads.
We speak words between us that we recognize
But which cannot be looked up.
They are our words.
They come from very far inside our mouths.
You and I, we are the secret citizens of the city
Inside us, and inside us
There go all the cars we have driven
And seen, there are all the people
We know and have known, there
Are all the places that are
But which used to be as well. This is where
They went. They did not disappear.
We each take a piece
Through the eye and through the ear.
It’s loud inside us, in here, and when we speak
In the outside world
We have to hope that some of that sound
Does not come out, that an arm
Does not reach out
In place of the tongue.”
So what do you think?  I think we are all in one big place, but in that place are a bunch of many little places.  All of these “little places” are each of us.  But when we all come together, it is like we are one big city – we are porductive, creative, and we grow stronger every day.  We represent something greater.  I’m not quite sure what that something is, but I know it is there.
But hey, I’m just rambling.  But some of the best ramblers come up with the best ideas.  🙂

What do you think?

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