My Attempt at Writing My Own Poetry

I have decided to take a leap and a chance to post one of my own poems.  Now, it is not very good; it is still the rough draft.  But at least I’m trying.  🙂

[No title yet…]

Part I

When the clouds mourn, raindrops fall

Onto the wings of a forsaken bird

The abandoned pines softly fade away as the seasons leave them behind

But the music that came from the tambourines flows through the air

Like how water flows down the stream

Part II

When the sun rises

It bleeds the colors of a new transformation

Like gold and orange and yellow

It all blends together

Like a new song with a new voice

I can see the remainder of dew drops on leaves

The flower petals reach up to the sky

A new day has begun


What do you think?

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