The Shadow of the Day

Each new day brings a new beginning.

Sometimes it seems like everything is falling apart, but honestly, doesn’t the next day or two always seem a bit better?  As I’ve learned from experience, that rough day (or week, in some cases) will always improve, no matter how difficult is seems to be.

Find your common ground, and glue your feet to it so it won’t move out from under you when you aren’t paying attention.


The Shadow of Petals

The sun streamed into the windows as morning broke

Like when you see a flower bloom for the first time

And how it seems as if an uncountable number of petals will fall before it does not grow anymore

The sun decided when it wanted to shine though the slightly opened window

But you cannot decide when you want it to leave you alone

It will leave you be when it gets tired

But no sooner, and no later

It notices you too, you know

How much longer will you wait until you have the chance to become familiar with it?


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