Alone with Myself

I know people say this a lot, but change isn’t always a bad thing.  I used to think that everything that resulted from change would make my life worse in some way.  I admit I was wrong.  But, to say the least, change isn’t always a great thing either.

It’s like finding the balance between light and dark in a photograph, or between black in white in a charcoal picture.  Art is as unpredictable as life.  Or, the other way around:  life is an unpredictable as art.

The creative thinking behind every work of art, whether it is a poem, a painting, a sculpture, etc., is unique to each individual person.  Everyone’s thoughts are as different as they are (which is a good thing!)  If everyone’s hopes and dreams were the same, how would anything ever get accomplished?


Red Flower

So many occurrences down by the river

The swing, hanging helplessly from a tree, creaks

A napkin left alone from a picnic fluttered in the wind

The river runs all the way across the land

But who knows where it will end?


Age-old ruins still stand tall

A mountain top overlooks the valley

The sunflower stays open all through the night

A hopeful star shines brighter than the others

Sometimes crazy hopes and dreams aren’t so crazy after all


You cannot judge a book by its cover

It will take you where it wants

Like the water in the river

How it takes the red flower, following the river


A lighthouse seems to see the beginning

The beam of light stretches all the way into the ocean

But who knows where it will end?



4 thoughts on “Alone with Myself

  1. …and never the same water that flows by in the river!

    You write marvellously! Have you ever submitted your works to any publisher or so?

    • Thank you for such kind words!
      No, I have never submitted anything to a publisher… but I plan to one day! For now I let my friends critique my work, although none of them write poetry themselves. I think that is the reason why I started a blog 🙂

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