The Ocean Is Calling

Throughout the summer, I took a trip or two to the beach.  As I sat there, just staring at people walking by, I started to let my thoughts take over.  I wrote this poem just as the sun was beginning to set, as the families started packing up their things, and as the waves began to crash even more violently than before.  It was that time of day where time seems to stop.  Everything around you slows down and becomes so peaceful that you feel like you are sitting on air.

After sitting there for quite some time, with my notebook in my lap, I realized how late it was actually getting.  I started to pack my own things up to head home, but before I left, I looked at the sandcastle the family next to me left behind when they went home.  It was beautiful; all of the broken pieces of shells covered the top tier of the castle, and a single piece of seaweed was wrapped around the bottom layer.  It was just about up to my knees, maybe even a bit taller, but I’m sure that to the kids who built it, they felt as if the sandcastle was big enough for them to live in it.

As I walked away from the ocean, the warm sand, and all of the sandcastles, I turned to look back at my footprints.  Maybe someday, someone else will walk along the same path as those footprints, and it will lead them right to the ocean.

The Sea

When I looked out into the ocean

All I saw was some beautiful water

The blue and green of the sea

Took me away in my mind

I thought of all the times

In which I couldn’t realize

All the blessings I have

I don’t try to count them all

The sea is like a person

It has many qualities

Like calmness and patience

I can see the way it waits

It waits for the tide, it waits for me

It wants me to be there

It wants me to wait with it

To wait until the tide comes

The sea also thinks

It reminds me of life

And the values of a person

And the flowing of a cycle

As the sun goes down

I am still staring at the sea

Soon it starts to drizzle

And the sea seams to grow

I can imagine the water going up

Up and up until it reaches the sky

Then the sky would be welcoming

And the sea would come back down to me

Back down to me the sea would come

Then my daydream would come to an end

And I would slowly go home

Still thinking; thinking about the friendly sea


What do you think?

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